Find A Tool Policies

Revesion v1.0.2 FInd A Tool Policies.

Updated  21/11/2018

Find A Tool General Terms and Conditions - Updated 21/11/2018 -Grammer , added Free shipping and insurance

Find A Tool Shipping policy - Updated 21/11/2018 - Grammer again , Added Free insurance cover

Find A Tool Payment Policy - Updated 21/11/2018 - Grammer, added Cash depost fees.

Find A Tool Non-Delivery Policy - Updated 21/11/2018 - Added Insurce cover - So now we Guarentee your delivery

Revesion v1.0.1 FInd A Tool Policies.

Created and Published 31/10/2018

Find A Tool General Terms and Conditions

Find A Tool Shipping Policy

Find A Tool Payment Policy

Find A Tool Non Delivery Policy

Find A Tool Repairs and Returns Policy

Find A Tool Review Policy

Payment Methods

PayFast - Limited to R10 000
EFT - Bank Trasfers
Cash Deposits
NO - Cash on Delivery accepted
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